About Us

We are a mother and daughter who have always loved to share experiences together, especially our love of beauty, makeup and fashion. We also love to share our passion for food, music, theatre and travel.

We are originally from the North East of England however in June 2017 Mimi moved permanently to the USA where her husband was born. They currently reside in Florida. Elle remains in England and takes a lot of holidays!

We decided to start our blog as a way to stay connected and to have a shared interest when we are so far apart. We are a very close family and as a mother and daughter we are the best of friends. Our shared interests give us such fun times together and will continue to do so even when we are in different countries.

We are excited to bring you different and unique perspectives not only as a fortysomething and a twentysomething but also as residents of the UK and USA.

Thankyou for visiting Elle and Mimi!
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